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Exclusive coaching and courses with a unique balance between proven business strategies and equine business know-how.

ONLY for ambitious equestrians who want to skyrocket their life and business! 

My name is Krystal Kelly. I’m an internationally recognized FEI II coach, best-selling author & online business consultant for Equestrians. I’ll teach you how to go from Zero to Hero leveraging my proven methods.

It doesn’t matter if you have a brick and mortar business such as: riding instructor, equine massage therapist, tack shop, etc, or if your having a blog, podcast or are an author. We can show you how you can make money and THRIVE online.

Our 5 Week Challenge

We have a 5 week challenge to help you develop your online business FAST. Because time is money, especially if you have horses to feed and bills to pay.

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Krystal Kelly Coaching

Founded in 2015 by Krystal Kelly.

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