Buying a Project Horse in England

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-03 at 2.50.12 PM

For those of you following along on my adventures, here is my latest update. Last year in August, 2016 I met my husband from Germany while attempting to drive a pink car (notoriously known as the Pink Yak) from England to Mongolia. I met him in Azerbaijan while awaiting the ferry boat to cross the Caspian Sea into Turkmenistan. I had no teammates and had been convoying with fellow teams here and there. CLICK HERE to watch videos of the Pink Yak!

Krystal and the Pink Yak in Mongolia.

Christian, my now husband, proceeded to chase me in around 10 countries or so before finally capturing me months later in Brussels and convincing me to move with him to Germany. He got a job offer in England and so we packed our things and off we went.

After living in England for less than a month, we found Trevadlock Valenciennes Lace (aka Lilly) and have been happy parents ever since. She is a six-year-old very green mare and Christian’s first encounter with horses. As a mechanical engineer he was familiar with a different form of horse power but was eager to learn. Lilly gently accepted the responsibility of helping to teach Christian everything horse and she now has a full-time job. Christian rides her upwards of 3 times a week, does groundwork with her, lunges her, cares for her and checks her hooves and legs religiously to ensure their health.

Playing Polo on my horse in England

Lilly is the ultimate all-rounder horse (ok so she’s nearly a pony!) but her Arabian mixed blood doesn’t make her easy. She is very forward going, loves to work and is more often than not, too smart and clever for her own good. She plays polo regularly with Krystal, does Dressage Tests with Christian and has even started her career as a Show Jumper to a great start winning countless ribbons and prizes!

Show Jumping Champion in her first season!

Lilly’s next goal is going to be a focus on Endurance! She is already signed up for her first Novice Level Endurance rides in the UK this year and she is proudly representing the United States in her rides! Christian and Lilly enjoy countless hacks out on the beautiful British country trails and we look forward to her exciting career in all disciplines! She has successfully finished her first season at Novice level and has done 41 kilometer rides!

Lilly now has a sister! We bought an Off-the-Track TB named, Q Twenty Girl! She is now Christian’s happy hacker, dressage horse and future polo pony!

It’s been a long time since I was able to actually own a horse of my own and watching these two grow together is a great treat for me! I hope you enjoy following Lilly’s adventures here in England on my Facebook Page and Instagram!

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