Gypsy Gold, Werewolves, Dracula and Me. My Time Working in Romania as a Trail Guide

romania horse riding.jpg
Here I am on the white horse, leading my trail group through a typical Romanian village.

Back in 2012, after my job in Cairo, Egypt came to an end I had ZERO money to afford the costly flight back to the United States. So I did the next best thing! I bought a flight to visit a friend from Romania, whom I had met whilst working in Belgium back in 2010. She happily invited me to stay with her and her family in her home in Transylvania and I got on the next flight. I had little money in my pocket, and probably should have been job hunting instead of exploring a random country, but hey I was young and in my twenties, single and had the world at my disposal! A job could wait! Or so I thought…

Horse Riding lessons in Romania

I was in Romania for a grand total of TWO DAYS before my friend was invited to help out at a local riding stables due to an overflow of tourists coming in for a visit from nearby Germany. The stable was in desperate need of help with the horses and customers and she convinced them to bring me along and stay with them in exchange to work for my keep for the weekend. Sure enough, once there I was quizzed by the owner of the stables and without realizing it, I had been interviewed for a new job! He hired me at once, to start pronto! I wasn’t even looking for work! I was on VACATION! I protested. 

Riding horses and working in Romania
Fun leading my group through a Romanian village

I fell in love with the country of Romania and ended up staying twice for six months in two different locations. In my time in Romania I saw many Gypsies and heard the stories of Dracula. I also learned that Transylvanian people eat way too much Garlic! (Seriously.)

I wandered up and down the countryside atop beautiful horses because unlike America where I grew up, there were no fences to keep me in and no mountain too high or river too wide! I visited castles, I learned some of the language and had a jolly great time! I will forever be grateful for being “drafted” into staying in Romania to work even though I was on Holiday! I even got to work on set for a Hollywood movie during Halloween and had to dress up like a man in a mustache! (Long story!) 

Werewolf film set Romania
Werewolf film set Romania

My best advice to you is to BOOK THE TICKET and GET ON THE PLANE! You never know what wonderful country and adventure life has in store for you, even if you didn’t plan on it!

Published by Krystal Kelly

Krystal Kelly is a California girl on a Quest to see every country. She is a certified FEI II Show Jumping coach and has worked in over 20+ countries with horses on 5 continents. She is an award winning author, podcaster, youtuber, film documentarian and clinician. She is founder and CEO of Equestrian Adventuresses and The International Equestrian. Her mission is to help empower women around the world to ride horses.

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