How Polo Found Me in Egypt

Playing Polo in Egypt

I was working at a Show Jumping Stables in 2015 in Cairo, Egypt for the second time when I got drafted by a fellow American Expat to come and watch a local polo match. Little did I know, that the owner of the polo club would have a pony ready and waiting for me to try. He had heard that I was a professional rider and was eager to watch me attempt to hit a ball with a stick on the back of a horse.

After attempting my best for about 20 minutes I was grinning ear to ear! I was addicted! Polo was very different than my love for Show Jumping and shortly after I ended up switching to the Polo Club where I stayed for One Year. I coached new polo players and trained under a 7 Goaler from South Africa where I dedicated myself to the Sport of Kings. Polo Ponies are amazing! They drive like a Ferrari and I enjoyed my time playing polo so much that even after I left Egypt I continued to seek out polo clubs and join in on the fun!

Get the hat: Utopiat

I have now played polo in the USA, Indonesia, England and Egypt to name a few! I hope to continue to play (just for fun!) and have already trained several young and green horses into becoming low goal polo ponies. It’s amazing how versitile these horses are and I look forward to connecting to my fellow polo community! If you are a polo patron or player and would like to contact me, please drop me a message. I would be more than happy to represent a member of your team throughout the world and am also currently organizing polo trips around the world to help promote female riders in male dominated countries!

*Let’s Connect! Message me if your interested in having me join your team abroad or are looking to form a woman’s team in a crazy country!  (Always Happy to Show these Boys how it’s done!)

Published by Krystal Kelly

Krystal Kelly is a California girl on a Quest to see every country. She is a certified FEI II Show Jumping coach and has worked in over 20+ countries with horses on 5 continents. She is an award winning author, podcaster, youtuber, film documentarian and clinician. She is founder and CEO of Equestrian Adventuresses and The International Equestrian. Her mission is to help empower women around the world to ride horses.

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