What is the “Speaking the Horse Language” Online Course?

Krystal is "speaking" to Charlie, an Icelandic Horse in Greenland. Krystal's experience enables her to communicate with horses anywhere in the world. And the best thing is - you can learn it, too!

“Speaking the Horse Language” is an online course for anyone interested in mastering their body language and energy to be able to communicate with horses in the horse language. There’s more to it than just knowing what it means when the horses pin their ears or buck. Understanding the horse language is very subtle and requires mastery of your own energy.

What’s in this course?

  • Reading and understanding your horse’s body language.
  • Mastering your own body language.
  • Energy and how it influences your horse’s energy.
  • Communicating with horses safely and correctly on the ground, while lunging and in the saddle.
  • How to gain your horse’s trust and build their confidence
  • Improving your own confidence on the ground and in the saddle
  • Why laughter really is the best medicine!
  • Playing games with your horse and having fun together. (Such as the “Boo!” Game)
  • And lastly “air brakes” and breathing.
The ears and their position is just one indicator of the horses thoughts. Understanding the horse's body language will enable you to read many more sign. But keep in mind that your own body language will influence the horse as well.
The ears tell you what the horse is focusing on. Whether it spooks or not depends on your reaction as well as the horse’s training and trust in you.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to build a close relationship with their horse.
  • Anyone with confidence issues on the ground or in the saddle.
  • Young horses.
  • Horses and riders from any discipline. No matter if it’s Show Jumping, Polo, Western, Dressage, Endurance etc.
  • Horses with confidence issues.
  • And beginning riders all the way to experienced, advanced riders.

And who am I?

I’m your coach: Krystal Kelly. I’ve trained thousands of students from around the world in over 20 different countries on 5 different continents.

Krystal is "speaking" to Charlie, an Icelandic Horse in Greenland. Krystal's experience enables her to communicate with horses anywhere in the world. And the best thing is - you can learn it, too!
When you learn the Horse Language, you can communicate with horses in any country in the world. Here, Krystal is in Greenland talking to Charlie. Photo Credits: Christian Vogler

The tools in this course are the necessary foundation for all equestrian sports. Unfortunately, I found that many people (like 99 percent) are missing these simple key ingredients to mastering the horse language. Because of this, many riders struggle with horse problems or, more often, you see riders losing their confidence.

We forget to have fun with our horses, laugh and more importantly have our horses want to have fun with us!

This is exactly why I’m going to reveal the secret sauce in the full online course!

So, you can learn the Why, the How and the When. You will become a true master in the art of “Speaking the Horse Language!”

Meet the horses

Q (Ridden by Christian)

Christian has been riding for nearly two years on Q. She’s a seven-year-old Thoroughbred and ex-racehorse. They’ve done some dressage together, attended endurance rides and played polo.

By practising "Speaking the Horse Language" Christian and Q are establishing a strong bond. The hot-blooded Thoroughbred becomes more and more calm, as does Christian.
Christmas photo with Christian and Q. Photo Credits: Krystal Kelly

Christian would like to do some jumping with his mare, Q, and improve their polo.

Q has been off for the last two months before recording the course because she had some health issues. She’s brought back into work during the recordings. In the two months off in the field, she lost a bit of her confidence. So, she acts a bit spooky and is quite nervous when exercised or ridden outside.

Christian is introducing her to different surroundings and gets her confidence boosted again.

Lilly (Ridden by Krystal)

Krystal had Lilly for two years.

Lilly is eight years old and she’s still in training. Nevertheless, she’s going to be the demonstration horse throughout the course. She’s part Arabian and therefore she’s got some hot blood in her. When Krystal first got her, she liked to carry her head quite high and she’s got quite big movements. Krystal calls it her little “rockety steps.” Lilly likes to really push from behind and is going to demonstrate all the “Speaking the Horse Language” exercises for you.

Krystal and Lilly are a fabulous team. They have the same adventurous and curious character. "Speaking the Horse Language" established a strong connection based on trust and understanding.
Krystal and Lilly are a great team. Around Christmas time Lilly likes to pretend being a reindeer.
Photo Credits: Christian Vogler

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Published by Krystal Kelly

Krystal Kelly is a California girl on a Quest to see every country. She is a certified FEI II Show Jumping coach and has worked in over 20+ countries with horses on 5 continents. She is an award winning author, podcaster, youtuber, film documentarian and clinician. She is founder and CEO of Equestrian Adventuresses and The International Equestrian. Her mission is to help empower women around the world to ride horses.

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