What is the “Speaking the Horse Language” Online Course?

“Speaking the Horse Language” is an online course for anyone interested in mastering their body language and energy to be able to communicate with horses in the horse language. There’s more to it than just knowing what it means when the horses pin their ears or buck. Understanding the horse language is very subtle andContinue reading “What is the “Speaking the Horse Language” Online Course?”

Yoga Whispering Clinics in the USA

Yoga for Equestrians both in and out of the Saddle! This past fall in September and October I was invited to conduct two different clinics in the USA. The first was a Yoga Whispering Clinic in Guthrie, Oklahoma at the Horse Feathers Equine Center. The second was a Yoga and Dressage Clinic at the TributeContinue reading “Yoga Whispering Clinics in the USA”

Buying a Project Horse in England

For those of you following along on my adventures, here is my latest update. Last year in August, 2016 I met my husband from Germany while attempting to drive a pink car (notoriously known as the Pink Yak) from England to Mongolia. I met him in Azerbaijan while awaiting the ferry boat to cross theContinue reading “Buying a Project Horse in England”

Yoga, Horses and Healing in Bali

​I went to Bali for six months to continue my studies of yoga and meditation. I had first grown an interest in the art of yoga while living in India for two years and the more I rode horses the more I realized how relative the two were and complimentary they were together. In horseContinue reading “Yoga, Horses and Healing in Bali”