What is the “Speaking the Horse Language” Online Course?

“Speaking the Horse Language” is an online course for anyone interested in mastering their body language and energy to be able to communicate with horses in the horse language. There’s more to it than just knowing what it means when the horses pin their ears or buck. Understanding the horse language is very subtle and requires mastery of your own energy.

What’s in this course?

  • Reading and understanding your horse’s body language.
  • Mastering your own body language.
  • Energy and how it influences your horse’s energy.
  • Communicating with horses safely and correctly on the ground, while lunging and in the saddle.
  • How to gain your horse’s trust and build their confidence
  • Improving your own confidence on the ground and in the saddle
  • Why laughter really is the best medicine!
  • Playing games with your horse and having fun together. (Such as the “Boo!” Game)
  • And lastly “air brakes” and breathing.
The ears and their position is just one indicator of the horses thoughts. Understanding the horse's body language will enable you to read many more sign. But keep in mind that your own body language will influence the horse as well.
The ears tell you what the horse is focusing on. Whether it spooks or not depends on your reaction as well as the horse’s training and trust in you.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to build a close relationship with their horse.
  • Anyone with confidence issues on the ground or in the saddle.
  • Young horses.
  • Horses and riders from any discipline. No matter if it’s Show Jumping, Polo, Western, Dressage, Endurance etc.
  • Horses with confidence issues.
  • And beginning riders all the way to experienced, advanced riders.

And who am I?

I’m your coach: Krystal Kelly. I’ve trained thousands of students from around the world in over 20 different countries on 5 different continents.

Krystal is "speaking" to Charlie, an Icelandic Horse in Greenland. Krystal's experience enables her to communicate with horses anywhere in the world. And the best thing is - you can learn it, too!
When you learn the Horse Language, you can communicate with horses in any country in the world. Here, Krystal is in Greenland talking to Charlie. Photo Credits: Christian Vogler

The tools in this course are the necessary foundation for all equestrian sports. Unfortunately, I found that many people (like 99 percent) are missing these simple key ingredients to mastering the horse language. Because of this, many riders struggle with horse problems or, more often, you see riders losing their confidence.

We forget to have fun with our horses, laugh and more importantly have our horses want to have fun with us!

This is exactly why I’m going to reveal the secret sauce in the full online course!

So, you can learn the Why, the How and the When. You will become a true master in the art of “Speaking the Horse Language!”

Meet the horses

Q (Ridden by Christian)

Christian has been riding for nearly two years on Q. She’s a seven-year-old Thoroughbred and ex-racehorse. They’ve done some dressage together, attended endurance rides and played polo.

By practising "Speaking the Horse Language" Christian and Q are establishing a strong bond. The hot-blooded Thoroughbred becomes more and more calm, as does Christian.
Christmas photo with Christian and Q. Photo Credits: Krystal Kelly

Christian would like to do some jumping with his mare, Q, and improve their polo.

Q has been off for the last two months before recording the course because she had some health issues. She’s brought back into work during the recordings. In the two months off in the field, she lost a bit of her confidence. So, she acts a bit spooky and is quite nervous when exercised or ridden outside.

Christian is introducing her to different surroundings and gets her confidence boosted again.

Lilly (Ridden by Krystal)

Krystal had Lilly for two years.

Lilly is eight years old and she’s still in training. Nevertheless, she’s going to be the demonstration horse throughout the course. She’s part Arabian and therefore she’s got some hot blood in her. When Krystal first got her, she liked to carry her head quite high and she’s got quite big movements. Krystal calls it her little “rockety steps.” Lilly likes to really push from behind and is going to demonstrate all the “Speaking the Horse Language” exercises for you.

Krystal and Lilly are a fabulous team. They have the same adventurous and curious character. "Speaking the Horse Language" established a strong connection based on trust and understanding.
Krystal and Lilly are a great team. Around Christmas time Lilly likes to pretend being a reindeer.
Photo Credits: Christian Vogler

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Yoga Whispering Clinics in the USA

Yoga for Equestrians both in and out of the Saddle!

This past fall in September and October I was invited to conduct two different clinics in the USA. The first was a Yoga Whispering Clinic in Guthrie, Oklahoma at the Horse Feathers Equine Center. The second was a Yoga and Dressage Clinic at the Tribute to America Farms in Suffolk, Virginia.

First Stop: Oklahoma!

The Classroom at Horse Feathers was warm and cozy and the perfect place for our group discussion and yoga session!

I met Cheri Whiteowl-Nguyen under sad circumstances back in 2009 when I was 18 years old and living in Oklahoma. Although I was from California, I lived in OK briefly during my Senior Year of High School to attend an Equestrian Program at a Vocational School. I bonded with Cheri immediately and we continued to keep in touch over the years. In 2010, when I graduated from Meredith Manor Equestrian College, I donated every piece of horse tack I owned to Horse Feathers before moving abroad that very year permanently. I also conducted a clinic at Horse Feathers in 2012, and it was a great success with a lot of progress made both at adopting out horses from the rescue as well as training the students! 

The Theme for Today: ENERGY and how our energies affect our horses energy!

The clinic was on Saturday and Sunday and welcomed a nice group of students from various ages, and levels of yoga and riding experience! There were some who had spent years volunteering at the Rescue but this was to be their first time on horseback! Others were avid riders, both Western and English and were looking to help their body aches and pains find some relief through yoga as well as use the techniques to become more centered riders.

We spent two hours in the classroom where I introduced myself and my experiences both as a yoga teacher and as a professional FEI II riding coach. We had a great discussion about the benefits of yoga and how it relates to horses and our discussions even led us to the topics of “reiki healing” and followed well on our theme for the weekend: ENERGY! 

Riding Demonstration – How Yoga helps improve our communication with our horse and relaxes their (and our!) Energy!

After our discussion we spread out in the classroom to begin our yoga exercises and movement class. This session was gentle, and included Eye Yoga exercises, hip openers, lower back stretches and other poses which greatly benefit riders. 

To think this is a Rescue horse! There are so many wonderful horses for adoption at Horse Feathers!

We then took our newfound knowledge out to the arena where I gave a riding demonstration followed up with short yoga in the saddle exercises for some of the students! It was a great group of women and I look forward to returning to Horse Feathers for future Yoga Whispering Clinics!

To Book me for a Yoga Whispering clinic, Contact Me!

On to Virginia for Four Days of Dressage Lessons and a Yoga Whispering Clinic

Tribute to America Farms in Suffolk, Virginia

I first met Rachelle during my time at Meredith Manor Equestrian College. She was a fellow student and we kept in touch after I graduated in 2010 and continued to travel working with horses in various countries. This year in 2018, we finally got our long awaited reunion when she invited me out for a Dressage and Yoga Clinic at the stables she was based. 

Yoga Class with a view! Overlooking the arena and horse pastures (not to mention the sunshine!) was a lovely way to rejuvenate our bodies and relax!

I arrived and met the gang at Tribute to America Farms. We did a group lesson to assess everyone’s specific riding abilities, and discussed various problem horses that would need special private lesson sessions with me afterwards. After our group lesson we put the horses away for an afternoon nap while everyone gathered outside the arena in the warm sunshine for a Yoga out of the Saddle session. We began the class, everyone had different levels of flexibilty, strength, and body aches but the as the session continued everyone relaxed and began having fun! We worked on strengthening and healing our body aches and injuries from many years of riding and by the end of the session (during the savasana) everyone was relaxed, loosened up and eager to try out their new skills on horseback!


They saddled up the horses and everyone took turns participating in the yoga on horseback exercises which I designed specifically to help get the rider deeper in the seat, using their riding muscles correctly and to feel their horse better, have a better connection and communication with their body (and no reins!) And use their energy to allow their horses to relax! It was a great success and everyone enjoyed the class immensely. 

Working on our breathing transitions… with no reins!

The following days were spent conducting the private lessons both Dressage Lessons, such as the Extended Trot, to Pole Work and spotting distances and having adjustability between fences. I also set up small “obstacle courses” with poles and cones and worked on correct rider position and balance through turns and more complex moves. 

Coaching the MOST FUN GROUP of students makes my job easy!

As for the “problem horses” they weren’t any problem at all and also enjoyed their time in the sunshine working on their relaxation and transitions work from breathing. (Practiced during our meditation part of the program!)

It was a lot of fun coming to Virginia and I am thankful to all the student’s that participated in the clinic! I can’t wait until the next one and look forward to receiving updates from the students on their progress with their fabulous ponies!

Ben, a 20+ year old TB helping me to demonstrate to my student’s how to do Extended Trot! Go Ben!

To find out about the various Clinics I offer please check out my Services page!

Speaking the Horse Language – Master it and Work ANYWHERE!

By understanding the horse's body language and energy, you can build a special connection.

Many might be wondering how it is possible for me to work in so many foreign countries and strange lands as an equine professional. I have traveled my fair share, having worked Internationally with horses for the past eleven years in nearly a dozen countries and covering countless states from east to west. Every time I travel to a new country I am thrown into a new mix of languages, cultures, and native dialects. In Italy they speak Italian, in Romania they speak Romanian, Egypt they speak Arabic…you get the point.

Although the humans may speak different languages and practice different religions and customs, there is one thing I’ve learned never changes: The language of the horse. No matter how far my travels have taken me, from the Pyramids to the Taj Mahal, horses speak horse.

Horses. Speak. Horse…

Every time.

Learn the language of the horse, and with it you can travel to the farthest corners of the planet and be able to communicate fluently with all walks of horses. From the Akhal-Teke’s in Turkey to the Marwari’s in India or the Icelandic ponies from Iceland. Communicating with horses is about body language and energy. Once you master the art of understanding your equine friend with your energy and breath, you will find that no matter the type of saddle you ride in or the discipline, you will be able to bond with horses on an energetic and subconscious level. You will hear them whisper. You will feel their movements and body through you. You will know their emotions, their spirit and their voice. You will be able to earn their trust and loyalty even when you are new and unfamiliar to them.  

When you gain your horse's trust, you can overcome any obstacle together
When you have a horse’s trust, there isn’t anything they won’t do for you!

I can’t tell you how many times from my own personal experience, I’ve ridden a horse for the very first time and was able to receive great feedback from my horse as well as their owner who stood baffled and amazed on the side simply because I listened to what the horse was trying to tell me.

First you must learn to follow the horse. Then you must learn how to make the horse follow you. This method applies both to out of the saddle and in the saddle. When riding, you must learn to allow your body to follow the horse’s movements. In walk, your hips should sway with his walk motion, your legs should wrap around the belly of the horse and rock side to side as if cradling a baby and your hands should move back and forth in motion with your horse’s head movements. The brisker the movements, the more your body must work to follow.

Sigh when your horse sighs, breath when he breaths, and just learn to flow with him until you cannot differentiate between your horses’ movements and your own. This process might take months or years to master, but once you are able to truly understand how your horse feels under you, you can then begin to influence his movements and rhythm to match your own.

It’s all about energy and how you play with it. It is the difference between someone with a strong, Alpha energy walking into the round pen with a wild horse and someone entering the same arena with low energy, dragging their feet and not at all confident in themselves and their movements. The wild horse needs to know that he is safe around you, that you are trustworthy. This can only be achieved by creating a “safe energy” and confident aura about you.

Once you’ve learned to speak “horse,” the possibilities are endless! It won’t matter if you move to a country where everyone speaks Romanian, Arabic, Mongolian or French!

To help you learn to “Speak the Horse Language” too, I created an online course. This comprehensive course includes everything you need to get started. It will significantly smooth out and intensify the communication with your horse! For more information, please check out my article “What is the Speaking the Horse Language online course?

Buy the full online course with a great discount now! Start your horse whispering journey today!

A show jumping arena built on a hillside provides spectacular views for rider and horse.

Because no matter where you go or how far you travel…horses speak horse!

Buying a Project Horse in England

Krystal is riding her part-Arabian pony in an endurance ride in England

For those of you following along on my adventures, here is my latest update. Last year in August, 2016 I met my husband from Germany while attempting to drive a pink car (notoriously known as the Pink Yak) from England to Mongolia. I met him in Azerbaijan while awaiting the ferry boat to cross the Caspian Sea into Turkmenistan. I had no teammates and had been convoying with fellow teams here and there. CLICK HERE to watch videos of the Pink Yak!

Krystal posing triumphant on the hood of the Pink Yak in Mongolia
Krystal and the Pink Yak in Mongolia.

Christian, my now husband, proceeded to chase me in around 10 countries or so before finally capturing me months later in Brussels and convincing me to move with him to Germany. He got a job offer in England and so we packed our things and off we went.

After living in England for less than a month, we found Trevadlock Valenciennes Lace (aka Lilly) and have been happy parents ever since. She is a six-year-old very green mare and Christian’s first encounter with horses. As a mechanical engineer he was familiar with a different form of horse power but was eager to learn. Lilly gently accepted the responsibility of helping to teach Christian everything horse and she now has a full-time job. Christian rides her upwards of 3 times a week, does groundwork with her, lunges her, cares for her and checks her hooves and legs religiously to ensure their health.

Krystal and her project horse Lilly playing arena polo
Playing Polo on my horse in England

Lilly is the ultimate all-rounder horse (ok so she’s nearly a pony!) but her Arabian mixed blood doesn’t make her easy. She is very forward going, loves to work and is more often than not, too smart and clever for her own good. She plays polo regularly with Krystal, does Dressage Tests with Christian and has even started her career as a Show Jumper to a great start winning countless ribbons and prizes!

Krystal and Lilly are celebrating their successes in their first show jumping season. The training pays off.
Show Jumping Champion in her first season!

Lilly’s next goal is going to be a focus on Endurance! She is already signed up for her first Novice Level Endurance rides in the UK this year and she is proudly representing the United States in her rides! Christian and Lilly enjoy countless hacks out on the beautiful British country trails and we look forward to her exciting career in all disciplines! She has successfully finished her first season at Novice level and has done 41 kilometer rides!

two project horses standing together, curious what the future will bring
Lilly now has a sister! We bought an Off-the-Track TB named, Q Twenty Girl! She is now Christian’s happy hacker, dressage horse and future polo pony!

It’s been a long time since I was able to actually own a horse of my own and watching these two grow together is a great treat for me! I hope you enjoy following Lilly’s adventures here in England on my Facebook Page and Instagram!

Yoga, Horses and Healing in Bali


​I went to Bali for six months to continue my studies of yoga and meditation. I had first grown an interest in the art of yoga while living in India for two years and the more I rode horses the more I realized how relative the two were and complimentary they were together. In horse riding, as in Yoga, you must master the art of controlling your breathing and your body so as to allow your mind a free and clear space to become zen-like. Many of us ride horses for the calming state is has on our mind and heart and soul and the two couldn’t be more alike!

I also realized how badly by body, after years of injuring myself with my various equestrian jobs, needed therapy. Yoga helped to lengthen my muscles, relax the tightness I had developed over the years in the saddle and allowed me to become a better rider! I developed my core muscles and balance, I opened my hips and enabled them to move more freely and I mastered my breathing with affected my horses greatly! They became more soft and calm and I myself found more energy and patience to deal with the more challenging equines.  Yoga and meditation has helped my ability to communicate with horses in so many ways, helped my body pains and stiffness to melt away and has opened many doors for me. You could say it brought me back to life!


I am a firm believer in keeping a regular yoga practice alongside your equestrian regime and that is why I have created a course for horse riders! Most yoga teachers don’t know the muscles we use as riders, which are very specific to us, and so I have developed several sequences all to help HORSE RIDERS, COACHES, TRAINERS AND STUDENTS! I give yoga classes both out of the saddle and in the saddle and focus mostly on body pain and rider injuries as well as breathing techniques and meditation practices to help calm your mind and channel your energy. Working with horses is mostly about our energy and body language–that’s how horses in the wild communicate with one another after all! If your interested in a yoga horse riding clinic please contact me HERE.

I am also organizing a group trip to Bali to experience a yoga and horse riding retreat, however there is limited space available so make sure to check out my website www.kryskolumbustravels.com and find out how to reserve your place! I also give clinics and private lessons / workshops about Yoga for Horse Riders. The program is called Yoga whispering and an online course is being built soon!