Yoga Whispering Clinics in the USA

Yoga for Equestrians both in and out of the Saddle! This past fall in September and October I was invited to conduct two different clinics in the USA. The first was a Yoga Whispering Clinic in Guthrie, Oklahoma at the Horse Feathers Equine Center. The second was a Yoga and Dressage Clinic at the TributeContinue reading “Yoga Whispering Clinics in the USA”

Buying a Project Horse in England

For those of you following along on my adventures, here is my latest update. Last year in August, 2016 I met my husband from Germany while attempting to drive a pink car (notoriously known as the Pink Yak) from England to Mongolia. I met him in Azerbaijan while awaiting the ferry boat to cross theContinue reading “Buying a Project Horse in England”