Competition-level Coaching (FEI Curriculum Based)

All students can benefit from proper coaching no matter what level. Using advanced riding techniques I bring Theory and Technical Knowledge meshed with the Horse’s Mental and Behavioral Instincts into the lessons creating a top quality training program personalized to meet your goals.

Public Speaking for your Upcoming Event

Are you a Charity / NGO or Non-Profit? Are you looking to Inspire students/children or young adults at your next Event? Krystal has been traveling doing public speaking and sharing her stories and passion for horses for years. Her role of inspiring others to follow their dreams no matter the cultural or financial circumstances stacked against you. Find out how she overcame the odds and began her life abroad with horses doing what no one thought possible.  Contact to discuss your public speaking event! A variety of topics are available.

Personal Yoga Classes Designed for Horse Riders

Krystal is also a Certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher and she has developed various yoga sequences designed to benefit and target all the key places riders tend to suffer the most. Very therapeutic and easy for injuries as well as strengthening and targeting core riding muscles.

Expert Horse Trainer for Competition or Pleasure

  • Show Jumping 1.40m+
  • Dressage up to Elementary Level
  • Polo Ponies Fine Tuning
  • Endurance Horses
  • Pleasure Horses
  • Natural Horsemanship

Equestrian Club Development Program

Are you a riding facility offering (or wanting to offer) equestrian holidays, jumping, dressage, polo, endurance and more? Krystal travels frequently (no country is off limits!) to unique equestrian destinations where she helps promote different equestrian programs, start-ups, holiday ventures and ideas! Available services include:

  • Brand Promotion with Professional Photography of your facility / Services
  • Training of Staff
  • Brand Promotion with Professional Videos of your services and Krystal’s experiences at your facility
  • Documentary film projects (promoting women and horse related travel ventures in far away lands
  • Social Media promotional campaigns
  • Organized equestrian group trips
  • Intensive Training of Horses and Riders
horse action dutch sports
Photo by Matthias Zomer on

Clinics / Workshop Topics (More available!)

  • Young horses introduction to Dressage
  • Fixing Riding / Horse Problems
  • Working Abroad with Horses–How to get started and where to look
  • Preparing for your next show / competition
  • Groundwork problem solving
  • Rider problem solving
  • Disciplines Problem solving
  • Jumping Clinics
  • Dressage Clinics
  • Arena Flat-work to improve Endurance riders / horses
  • Pole work for Dressage Riders
  • Spotting Distances
  • Improving your polo riding
  • Improving your polo swing
  • Retraining your horse for polo / dressage / endurance / jumping etc.
  • Mongol Derby Pre-Event Training
  • Inspirational travel tales and motivating tips to get you chasing your dreams!
  • All you need to know about competing internationally
  • How to work / compete internationally
  • Moving up your riding level – progressing your skills!
  • Horsemanship and groundwork
  • Yoga for Riders
  • Yoga in the Saddle
  • Lunging for success
  • Young horses
  • Rider Confidence – Breathing and Relaxation in the Saddle
  • Rider balance and position
Krystal riding her young horse, Lilly, whom she trained to have basics in polo, jumping, dressage and endurance! Photo Taken: England


  • Show Jumping
  • Dressage
  • Polo
  • Endurance
  • Combined Training
  • Mongol Derby Training

Starting a new club in Papua New Guinea or another unlikely place? Let us help! Consultancy via online chat available.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-03 at 2.50.12 PM.jpeg
Lilly completing her first 41 km Novice ride, in the United Kingdom.

Wanting to Promote Women’s Riding Teams in your area? Find out how to arrange an on the site visit! 


*Prices available in $, €, and £. Contact for an exact quote!*

Day Fee: $1000 USD (8-5pm)
Private Lessons: $75 USD
Group Lessons: $45 / per person (max 3)
Horse Training: $50 / per horse / per ride
Horse Training 30 Days: $500 / per horse (5 times a week riding)
Horse Training Show Season: Contact for Info!
Equine Massage Therapy:
1 Hour: $100
1&1/2 Hour: $150
Public Speaking:
Small Event (1-50 people) €50-250 / Event
Large Event (50+ people) €1000-2500 / Event
*Are you a charity organization? Ask about my charity discounts!*
Online Consultancy: $50 / hour
Equestrian Club Development Program: Contact for Info!
*Travel Fees: (If travel time exceeds more than 3 hours) $150 per day

*All Prices do not include the cost of travel expenses such as flights/hotels/meals.  Please Contact for more information.


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